How to order your Playroom

Bespoke Playrooms

In the first instance, call 07776 144868 to discuss your requirements.

Free of charge: You draw a plan view of the room with dimensions (length, width and height), showing door openings, positioning of windows and the positioning of any fixed object or appliances, plus images of the room, (which are really helpful). Send the drawings and images either by email or post to us.
Alternatively, you can arrange for a designer visit. There is a cost of £250 for this visit but the amount will count as part of your deposit if the project goes ahead.

We send you a plan and an estimate of costs. Agree or modify the plans until it is to your liking and requirements.

Pay a deposit of 30% based on the estimate of costs and we create a proposal with full specification drawings and a finalised quotation both of which are sent to you for approval.

Our designer will arrange to come and visit you at a mutually agreed date and time to go through the proposal, view samples and carry out a thorough survey of the site/room. Agree or modify the specifications until the proposal is exactly what you want.

The balance will need to be paid using on-line banking.
Sorry, we do not take Debit or Credit Cards or accept Cheques..

A representative will call you to arrange a convenient date to install your playroom furniture and fittings.


Any decorating work, laying new carpets etc is your responsibility. However, our designer will be able to offer you decor scheme suggestions.
Unfortunately it will still cost you the visit fee. We would be unable to issue a refund.
That is no problem as long as you notify us by telephone at least 24 hours in advance.
Once the full specification drawings have been produced, we are unable to offer a refund of your deposit as our design team will have already spent many hours producing the manufacturing and installation specifications.